The Spectacle

Creative TV documentary film

A city marked by a past of working-class collectivism and football, and has come to be fed up and exhausted through all the crises of recent decades, but above all different than it was before. Older generations who have lived for shared dreams are surrendering to nostalgia and find it hard to come to terms with the changes of recent decades. While the middle generation has found togetherness in football and is looking for ways to keep the community among increasingly less motivated surroundings, younger people are losing out on global individualism and commercialization. Although everyone claims that Maribor is a city that connects all generations, it really connects the population Just that they're always somewhere on the margins and they don't know where they really belong.

The project was created by Maribor based film production Filmfactory, and it is co-produced by Rusaalka Films. 



Marko Kumer Murč  Director 

Mitja Mlakar  Director Of Photography

Mojca Pernat  Producer  –

Reaserch  Matevz Pucer