Drežniška Goat and Her People

TV documentary

There are about 600 registered animals, the goat breeders hope that their unique Drežnica goat will not just survive but also thrive in its traditional habitat – the mountains of northwestern Slovenia. TV Slovenia

A film about the only indigenous goat species in Slovenia. The incredibly temperamental Drežniška goat is able to seduce anyone around, yet she is on the edge of extinction. A small community of farmers, university professors, workers and others decide to devote their time to saving  the endangered species and in doing so adapt to life in the high mountain peaks without any running water. The Drežnica Goat and Her People helps give us the answer of how to live against the grain and find happiness through a  simpler way of life.


The film got support from the Slovene film centre in 2021.

The project was initiated by professor Simon Horvat and it is co-produced by Rusaalka Films, University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty Department of Animal Science Chair of Genetics, Animal Biotechnology and Immunology and Ethnographic Museum of Slovenia.


Marko Kumer Murč – Director 

Simon Horvat – Writer, expert from Biotechnical Faculty of Ljubljana 

Mitja Mlakar – Director of photography